Just around the corner
is a place where killers abide.
They aren't poorly (like they want you to believe) and have some farewells
in their arms. They are tall and strong
and their faces are fading to black.
You can see their hearts beating in their chests
if you look closer,
they are so translucent that they could be ghosts
if the wind would blow harder.

Just around the corner
your heart is cold by default,
't feels like a new evil regime is taking over the world,
you hear John the Revelator's war siren, weeeoooeee,
and you're suddenly thinking about your children
and start praying for them, finally seeing
what are the important things in life,
just let us live,
your thoughts scream so loud that you start hearing voices in your head.
Your spirit is having a walk somewhere dark, in a new nightmarish season
that resembles fear and insanity. You can't wake up but still feels like
your soul is leaving your body, oh no, and you still have unfinished business.

Just around the corner you find paradise.
Then you are thinking:
"I loved you Cain,
more than I could love a brother
and yet you have killed me.
I still love my killer with the warmth of my blood,
so he won't catch cold in this bloody winter,
but can you still love my death?"

he said (it)
with his voice weakened by love,
this is not your life, no,
you are just re-living the apocalypse of a stranger.
Only someone who loves you as much as I do...
can do you the favour of killing you... brother.

Just around the corner Abel and Cain meet
their Abel and Cain.