nothing I have loved remained eternal

you raise the sadness to kiss the sky and it's starting to rain
I introduce my words to yours
with the right spell they magnetize (so sweet) into epithets
oh, our words have a country of their own
like we mapped the night using their darkness
but we can lure the sun to rise in the morning too

with the oval of your face you can domesticate the moon
how to be round and round and round and cast
like the moon is only an extension of your face
and maybe the moon can see you as another mother too

I wake up the stones for you and they yawn
shed their hardness and become eatable
shed their sadness and change back into hearts
they turn themselves and release everything we have lost too

what was the sadness for the sky
your face for the moon
our loss for the stones
the never-blooming thought of me floating in your mind?
and you forget me like a broken wing forgets the flight
your words are weaning mine from their breasts
what a loneliness it is to be a refugee in my own love!